About MoneyMinority

What do you get when you mix economics, money management, investing, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs with dollops of philosophy, psychology, and personal development and sprinkle in a little humour at the end?

I’d love to answer “MoneyMinority!” but, to be more honest, I’ll answer “what MoneyMinority is trying to be!”

If you’re wondering who is behind MoneyMinority, allow me to introduce myself:

Who am I?

Stergios, Sterg MoneyMinority

I’m Stergios Stergios (for internet friends, Sterg), an Online Freelancer who feels a deep desire to consume and produce content on topics:

  • Economics
  • Money Management
  • Investing
  • Technology
  • Marketing

I am 33 years old and I live, for the most part, in Thessaloniki where I grew up.

I believe that one of the most valuable assets is clarity of thought. I envy people who can express themselves clearly and in simple words without preparation and I have a deep belief that our world is constantly getting better.

Although I graduated in Economic Sciences” from the University of Macedonia, I quickly became passionate about digital marketing and online entrepreneurship.

In my professional life, I have worked in 3 startups: one failed, one underutilised and one (more than) successful.

In 2018, my passion was re-ignited, and I started to continuously create content related to investment, money management and finance. My experience in digital marketing combined with my knowledge, thirst for further learning and research on investments was the combination that gave birth to the MoneyMinority Project.

Apart from my blog, YouTube and weekly newsletter, you will find my articles hosted in Greek news media (such as Epixeiro and Capital) and foreign ones (such as WealthyHood). Finally, I help the OnlineTraders.gr website as a fact checker and, occasionally, as an editor.

📬 You can contact me by sending an email to [email protected].

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My Experience:

MoneyMinority Logo

What is MoneyMinority?

Early on in my life, I felt a burning desire to consume information on topics related to money and investing.

At some point, this desire to consume outgrew itself and transformed into a desire to create.

And there was… MoneyMinority!

Many will assume that being an economics graduate, I will be some sort of scientist or guru on the subject who has come to tell you how things are and what you should do.

Quite the opposite!

My purpose here is to learn along with you. How?

I realized early on that I can understand more about the subjects I’m dealing with when I write about them. You might say that while most people tend to learn by reading, I tend to learn by writing.

MoneyMinority is a Blog 📝

Combining my knowledge of Digital Marketing, the mentality of reading and writing and my desire to create, I started, timidly, in 2018 to write on the MoneyMinority Blog.

This personal blog tackles topics such as:

  • money management
  • investments
  • traditional markets
  • passive investments
  • cryptocurrencies
  • self-improvement
  • psychology
  • making money online

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MoneyMinority is a YouTube channel 🔴

In 2020, I decided to enrich the MoneyMinority channels and created the corresponding YouTube channel. There, you will find the blog articles in the form of videos and much more.

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MoneyMinority is a weekly newsletter 📫

Finally, I maintain a Newsletter in which I share new articles I write, new videos I upload and any thoughts that come to mind or information I find interesting.

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So far, we’re more than 5,900 and I’d love for you to be one of them! Unfortunately, it’s still in Greek.

What is the philosophy of MoneyMinority?

My goal is to cultivate in readers a different culture around money, the purposes it serves and how we should treat it so that it is our ally and not our enemy.

What do I want to say? Don’t make money your only goal! If you do, you’ve lost the game before you’ve even started playing.

Money is a tool capable of two things:

  • Freedom
  • Security

Here you will not find investment advice, nor secret recipes for easy, quick and “bloodless” enrichment.

The basic principles of financial health

If I had to summarize the basic principles of financial health in a few steps then these would be:

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Pay off all your (high-interest) debts
  • Create an Emergency Fund with savings that can support your living costs for 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 months
  • Invest the difference between your income and expenses in low-cost and diversified investment products (e.g. Broad Index ETFs)
  • Always have a long-term horizon and patience – Get Rich Slowly