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👋 Welcome to MoneyMinority!

What is it?

What do you get if you mix Finance, Money Management, Investments, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, add doses of Philosophy, Psychology, and Personal Development, and throw in some humour at the end?

I’d love to say “MoneyMinority!” but to be honest with you, I’d say “what MoneyMinority is trying to be!“.

Who am I?

My name is Stergios (or Sterg), an internet freelancer with a natural desire to create and consume content about the aforementioned topics.

If you want to know more about MoneyMinority, take a look at about me or contact me just to say hello.

What you will find here:

I’ve kept an active blog since 2018 so, as you can tell, I love expressing myself through the written word. I believe that writing is the most effective method to learn and, at the same time, one of the most rewarding ways to express your creativity and ideas.

Combine the fact that I am passionate about many different subjects simultaneously, and you have a recipe that creates a chaos of information that is difficult to navigate.

So for everyone’s convenience, I have organized the content of the blog into the following categories. Take a look and, if you find something that interests you, read it:

📙 Detailed Guides for Beginners:

The analytical guides are the backbone of MoneyMinority. Each guide tackles a unique topic, approaches it holistically, tries to analyse it from the ground up and simplifies it to make it understandable to any beginner. I try not to approach each topic as an authority but as a beginner who does his research, composes his text and, simultaneously, learns.

  1. Investment Guide [from A to Z]
  2. Stocks for Beginners
  3. Stock Market Guide
  4. ETFs Guide
  5. Cryptocurrency Guide
  6. Real Estate Guide
  7. How To Invest In Gold As A Complete Beginner
  8. Bonds Guide
  9. P2P Lending Guide
  10. Trading Guide
  11. Technical Analysis Guide
  12. Forex Guide
  13. Options Guide
  14. Personal Business Tax Guide
  15. DeFi Guide
  16. Which Stocks To Buy As A Beginner
  17. How To Invest With Little Money As A Beginner

🧺 ETFs:

ETFs are top-rated investment products that have quickly become the first investment choice for millions of investors worldwide. They are investment vehicles that can be used by investors who do not have in-depth market knowledge and do not have (or do not want) to spend the time on the analysis required to build a diversified portfolio by themselves.
In the following articles, you will find material to help you get the most out of them:

  1. ETFs Guide for Beginners
  2. UCITS ETFs: What They Are & How They Are Taxed
  3. How do I calculate the return of an ETF?
  4. Bond ETFs vs Bonds

I am in the process of writing a detailed eBook around ETFs. It will be geared around the investor and will grasp the topic holistically. From A to Z. Sign up for the Newsletter to be notified when it’s ready.


In the last few years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have caught my interest so, as you can see, they couldn’t be missing from the blog.
If you are a beginner, the following articles will help you to smoothly introduce yourself to the market by recognizing its true value and protecting yourself from scams, lies and promises of get-rich-quick schemes.
Bitcoin has something much deeper to offer than what is being peddled…

  1. What is Bitcoin?
  2. What is Ethereum?
  3. How do I buy Bitcoin?
  4. How do I buy Cryptocurrencies?
  5. How do I store them?
  6. How do I keep them safe?
  7. Cryptocurrency platforms
  8. How to get free Crypto

🎓Economic Literacy:

If something is missing in people’s culture, it is economic literacy.
This is quite logical if you think that no one will take it upon themselves to teach you even the basic pillars of it when you are young.
In the following articles you will find material about money and how to manage it to make your life better:

  1. What is Money?
  2. How did Money come about?
  3. The simplest way to save money
  4. The 6-jar system
  5. How to manage your money in 4 steps
  6. Creating a personal budget in 6 steps
  7. How to Save Money Fast on a Low-Income
  8. How to get out of debt?
  9. Interest rate: Everything you need to know
  10. Inflation: Everything you need to know
  11. How to Become Financially Free?
  12. How to save Money?
  13. What is the #1 priority in Capitalism?
  14. Why is poverty expensive?
  15. How NOT to help your children
  16. Communism or Capitalism: schools of economic thought

📈 Investment Literacy:

If we fall short in economic literacy, imagine what happens when we talk about investment literacy. In the following articles, we will talk about how we should invest, how we should treat our investments and debunk popular myths out there:

  1. Investments & Emotions
  2. How not to ruin your investments
  3. Why investment advice does NOT work
  4. Become a millionaire by cutting out … coffee
  5. Are diamonds an investment?
  6. Online investment scams

🧠 Mental Models:

Mental Models are patterns, concepts and frameworks that help you understand easily how the world works.
You can think of them as tools or methodologies you keep in your mind which allow you to bring order to chaos, simplify the complex, and interpret the world.

  1. What are they & why are they useful? (introduction)
  2. Opportunity cost
  3. The Pareto Principle
  4. Law of Supply & Demand
  5. Compound Interest
  6. Antifragility
  7. Skin in the Game
  8. Philosophical Razors
  9. Patterns of Human Behavior

📁Passive Investment Portfolio MoneyMinority:

MoneyMinority’s passive investment portfolio is a Self-Retirement Project.
In short, I will invest consistently (every 6 months), long-term (30 years) in passive vehicles (Broad Index ETFs) to create a portfolio that when liquidated in the future can be used as a pension.
I will monitor its performance every 6 months and post the results on Patreon.

  1. What is it & why am I doing it? (introduction)
  2. Performance Report #1
  3. Performance Report #2
  4. Performance Report #3
  5. Performance Report #4
  6. Project reporting changed

📚 Book Reviews:

In the following articles you will find analyses, reviews and summaries of books I have read and liked (or not):

  1. The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad

🔎Platform Analyses & Reviews:

Listed below are analyses, reviews and ratings for the most popular platforms on cryptocurrency, stock and financial services on the Internet:

  1. Saxo Bank
  2. eToro
  4. Trading212
  5. Binance
  7. Curve
  8. Mintos
  9. N26
  10. Revolut

If you want to see more comparisons between Online Brokers, take a look at the OnlineTraders website.

🗂️Additional Articles:

Scattered thoughts and articles that don’t fit into the above categories:

  1. Why did I abandon my childhood dream in pursuit of a deeper purpose?
  2. Ideas for Passive Income
  3. How to Make Money Online
  4. What is FoRex… in reality
  5. How to Make Your Own Blog
  6. The Struggle of Starting My Own Business

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